About Us

img_6102“What can we live without and what must we keep?” This was our sorting criteria  as we looked around at vases, artwork and books we had collected over the years and wondered if we could, indeed, become “home-free.”
Once we started, it was easy.

We sold our home on Gabriola Island  and almost everything in it. The “must-keeps” are stored with friends and the rest was just stuff.

It is certainly not necessary to sell everything to travel extensively, but after living on Gabriola for 12 years we were ready for a change, and we wanted to remove as many obstacles as possible.  This allows us to travel where and when we want, without worrying about leaving a vacant house, or bothering our neighbours.

Timing is everything. After following the lead of two other couples who have done this very thing, we were ready.

So far we’ve travelled coast to coast in Canada, the length and breadth of Mexico (twice), South East Asia and India.

img_0838Our new life requires a comfort level with constant change, a high degree of flexibility and a supple vision of what a “Plan B” entails.  Our backgrounds in education, hospitality, publishing, marketing and writing helps immeasurably.   As a friend noted:  “you are always planning“.  Planning where the wind might blow us next has become an interesting part-time job.

Our next adventure will be travelling for nine or ten months throughout western Canada, the southwest United States and Baja California in an Escape 21ft travel trailer (locally made in Chilliwack, B.C.)

After that, we’ll hop on a plane again – perhaps South America, or Tanzania or Sri Lanka. We’ll mix it up – exploring North America in our trailer, and then travelling to a place where we don’t know the customs, don’t know the language and have to figure out the local forms of transportation.

Thanks so much for travelling along with us. We really appreciate your company.
Ginny & Stephen